Open the door to new possibilities and celebrate the inclusive spirit of our Accessible Cities.

Great job on prioritizing accessibility! At AbleVu, we celebrate cities that prioritize accessibility and inclusivity. These cities have taken important steps to create a welcoming environment for people of all abilities.

Join us in exploring these Accessible Cities and the new opportunities they offer. Discover businesses and public venues that are accessible to all, and get a detailed preview of their accessibility features. With virtual walk-through tours, accessibility checklists, and other important details, AbleVu helps you eliminate uncertainty and feel confident that the location will meet your needs.

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Each Accessible City Includes

5+ Restaurants/ Dining

5+ Hotels/

5+ Attractions

With more businesses joining everyday!

Interested in becoming an accessible city?

Discover how to make your city more accessible and enjoyable for everyone by becoming an AbleVu Accessible City!